Calling all fans!

26 Aug

There are a couple new, exciting (and fun) additions I’m making to My Year of Cupcakes!  And I just couldn’t wait to tell you about them!!

First, as some of you know, starting in September I’ll be adding a “Helpful Hint” to each Weekly Winner post.  Just some little tricks of the trade that might help you too.  (If you have some favorites, please please please send them to me:

Second, I’m compiling an intro video (or several of them, to be more accurate) to kick off all of the upcoming videos.  Here’s where you guys come in.  Take a selfie video saying “My Year of Cupcakes”.  That’s it.  And then email it to me:  Here’s a link of me doing a couple of examples.  More than anything, I want a variety!  So, get creative – funny, serious, accents, other languages, individual, groups, whatever you can come up with.  (Note: my submitting a video, you are giving me the right to use it.)

And third, just to add even more fun to all the crazy fun we are already having, each Monday will be “Musical Monday” starting in September.  A different video for your listening and viewing pleasure, from myself and a variety of artists.  So, get excited.  It’s gonna be amazing.  And, as per usual, if you are interested in submitting a video, contact me for details and info!

See y’all tomorrow!


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