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Making the grade

17 Jul

Each of our competitors (aka cupcakes) needs to make the grade.  So, here’s the criteria I’ll be using!  Each category will be graded with 1 being the lowest (yuck!) and 5 being the highest (yum!).  The totals will be tallied leaving one cupcake the obvious weekly winner.

The Categories are…

– Cupcake Taste – how does the plain ole cupcake taste without any additions?

– Frosting Taste – how’s the topping when it’s all alone?

– Overall Taste – does the cupcake get along with the frosting?

– Appearance – are they adorable, blah or something else all together?

– Ease of Making – how hard did I have to work to get through the recipe?

And, don’t worry, I’ll also elaborate on each category so that we’re all on the same page!

The search begins soon!!

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